Dante & Jax are in need of a good home. These boys will make a great Christmas gifts!
Both boys are 2 years old. Both fixed & one is descented the other isnt.
Dante is a brown sable and kinda chubby, loves to run around smack into walls and flop around doing what people call the weasel war dance.
Jax is a white ferret loves to play with toys and hide them. he does nip a little bit but just playful bites he mostly goes after your feet if you walk past him.
These boys MUST stay together! My reason for selling is I dont have the time to take them out of the cage and have play time as much as they should & they deserve better.
Ferret nation cage is similar to the one in the picture however it has one wheel missing off it. Ferrets come with cage, blankets, food dish, water bottle, litter pan, hammock, hanging play cube, ferret spray.
Asking $200 o.n.o